Want to know a secret?

It's easier to make lasting changes in your life when you do them in a way that feels GOOD!

I know, "lifestyle change" or "habit transformation" are probably phrases that conjure up images of pushing yourself through exercise that you hate, or guzzling down weird juice concoctions....no pain, no gain...and definitely no pleasure in the process.

But if you know the secrets of how our brains are actually wired, doing things that you dread or that make you tense up just thinking about them is the WORST way to create change that lasts!

Before you sign up for one more detox or set one more resolution, grab my free Pleasure-Filled Habit Transformation Blueprint.

Your jaw is going to hit the floor when you read this...and if you implement these steps, you may never have to overhaul your habits again. 



Kate Bartolotta


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